Work Quotes

What is success I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.
- Margaret Hilda Thatcher
We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose.
- Charles Baudelaire
Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life--learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
- Robert
Never despair; but if you do, work on in despair.
- Edmund Burke
Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance
- Edgar Bergen
Arbeit macht frei. Work sets you free.
- Major Rudolph Hoss, Auschwitz Gate
My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there.
- Indira Gandhi
There are two kinds of talents, man-made talent and God-given talent. With man-made talent you have to work very hard. With God-given talent, you just touch it up once in a while.
- Pearl Bailey
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